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Reclaiming the Way of Our Ancestors

(The Way of The Divine Feminine)

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Daleela's shamanic training began in 2007, when she traveled to Peru (the land of her ancestors) to participate in four Sacred Ayahuasca Ceremonies. She received instruction from Mother Ayahuasca to embark upon the path of restoring harmony and balance to Pachamama (Mother Earth) through earth honoring rituals and to be of healing service to others.

Daleela is an experienced therapist and Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Carrier of native Peruvian heritage with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology. She specializes in Spiritual and Trans-personal Counseling to uplift the Divine Feminine in all clients. She is also a Movement/Dance Therapist and the published author of two dance therapy books

Today, Daleela works with others to return harmony and balance to their lives through Earth-honoring songs, dances, rituals, ceremonies and healing sessions, thus ultimately assisting in helping usher in the prophesized Golden Era “the Qoripacha”.

  • Daleela serves as a catalyst to those who are ready to bring the practice of shamanism — the oldest spiritual practice in the world — into their modern-day lives so as to improve every aspect of themselves: emotionally, mentally and physically. She helps women and men ready to take a big leap forward to restore vitality and harmony in their lives.
  • In her sessions and classes, through the power of shamanic journeying, Daleela helps others to connect with many sources of guidance and inspiration so they can tap into their own intuitive gifts to manifest positive outcomes for themselves and others
  • She instructs people during this time of chaos how to utilize ancient techniques and teachings to bring them back to their Creator, to their center of power, to their heart and soul, to wholeness.

"We must make our prayers to the feminine, to the Mother.  We must come back to the ways of the feminine, of stewardship, of protection.”  

Don Humberto - High Priest of the Q'ero Nation of Perú

“Mystical insight and enlightenment occur when the veil between the worlds is lifted, the worlds are bridged, the gap closes, and we cross over.” 

- Tom Cowan - Fire in the Head:  Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit

Sacramento Shamanic Treasures offers Earth based classes/workshops and one on one and group healing sessions to reclaim your native self, to bring you back to your Creator and the harmonious ways of nature and the Earth.

Daleela, M.A. draws from her Master's in Counseling Psychology, her training in dance and sacred dance, the Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, core shamanic healing methods, Celtic Shamanism and Native American spirituality to offer
spiritual counseling, life changing classes, workshops and healing sessions.

"You are an angel to me! Since my soul retrieval, I don't think about the past like I used to, rather I am pushing forward. I feel lighter and my depression has lifted. Thank you so much for your help." Diana - July 2014

(Remote Sessions Available)

Counseling/Treatment Services

Workshops and Classes

Dance Therapy Personal Sessions, Dance Therapy Workshops and Sacred Dance Shows

Soul retrieval

Power animal retrieval



Limpias (a general cleansing)

Shamanic dance therapy

Relationship counseling

 Career change 


Trauma & childhood abuse

Psycho-Pomp (helping earthbound souls cross over)

Connecting you to past loved ones

What is a Shaman?

There are many misunderstandings connected to the word "Shaman".
In my training, a shaman is an Anthropological term for a specialized type of healer/teacher/wise person who "walks between the worlds", who journeys to "non ordinary reality" to bring back helpful guidance and healing counsel for those in ordinary reality. Traditionally, in tribal societies, earth-based traditions, it is not a person's credentials or experience that makes him or her a shaman, rather it is the village as a whole that decides whether to grant this role to a particular healer or medicine person.

 I believe the word "shaman" should be reserved for those who were raised in an native or indigenous community and trained for many years by an elder to walk between the worlds. Rather, I choose to call myself a mesa carrier and shamanic practitioner who has been trained in the Peruvian Andean Tradition (3 years) and Core Shamanism (5.5 years) to become a clear vessel/channel so my helping spirits/creator can work through me.

As a Pachakuti Mesa Carrier (PMT) of Andean descent, I work with a Peruvian healing altar. I am an initiate of a 5000-year old intact shamanic lineage that orignated from the Andes (the land of my ancestors) and Northern Coastal Areas of Peru.  I continue to study with Peruvian Kamasqa Curandero and Altomisayok (high ceremonial master) Don Oscar Mira Quesada. I am adept at working with my Peruvian Mesa (altar) to offer physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and soul healing: through extractions, soul retrieval, psycho pomp, releasing Earthbound entities, limpias (cleansings) and viajes con sombra (journeys to the upper and lower worlds) on behalf of others. But, I don't call myself a shaman.

I am also a spiritual counselor and intuitive healer. I draw from my graduate training (Masters Degree) as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist and from an eclectic array of techniques and tools from various indigenous cultures throughout the world.

NOTE: Shamanic healing techniques are not meant to replace western counselors or medical doctors, but to be employed in conjunction with or as a supplement to western healing modalities.

I do not diagnose illness, treat or prescribe medications, nor do my services replace those of your treating physician, therapist or spiritual healer or minister. My services are meant to compliment the services of these professionals.

Tribal Treasures for Your Heart & Soul Tribal Treasures for Your Heart & Soul
 Please Email Daleela for earth-based workshops, classes or to set up a healing session in Sacramento, CA. Long distance healing sessions also available...

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