Sacramento Shamanic Treasure (also serving El Dorado County)


  • "Powerful. Transforming. Daleela is a master teacher who flawlessly guides each participant towards their unique path of personal power and spiritual connection. A beautiful and highly recommended course for anyone."~Huma Sufiyya, December 2014

"I enjoyed every class and all who participated.  I know the knowledge you passed on will serve me and my community for the rest of my life.  Remembering our Ancestors Ritual was particularly touching, as well as the wonderful song we sang together as a group. You taught the importance of shamanic journeying in a way  I didn't fully understand before taking your class." ~Donna, November 2014


Meet Your Spirit Teachers and Transform Your Life!

A Basic 8 Week Shamanic Journeying Course

$297 (16 hours)

  • Learn to journey so as to ultimately become your own shaman
  • Create sacred space and become initiated into the shamanic state of consciousness through drumming
  • Meet your power animal in the lower world who will become your primary guide and protector
  • Journey with the intention of meeting & learning from your primary spirit teacher in the upper world
  • Journey on your own for personal healing, counsel or divination in major areas of your life:  relationships, career, job, school, your specific spiritual path or whatever else concerns you...


Dragonfly Frame Drum for Shamanic Journeying

Claiming Your Tribal Self  Workshops

Contact Daleela to set up a workshop in your area

This 3-hour experiential workshop will explore indigenous based stories, tribal dance, divination (gain insight/discover hidden knowledge) and ancient healing techniques. Learn to commune with Mother Earth and how to call forth the elements and the spirits of nature for healing and energetic infusion. This hands on workshop will be held outdoors amidst the green trees and the four elements. Be ready to experience a magical workshop with practices you can take home. Bring a rattle or drum if you have one. Bring something comfortable to sit or lay on the ground and walking shoes. The rest of the materials will be provided by Mother Nature.

These workshops are often described as revitalizing, powerful and life altering!

Claiming Your Tribal Self  Workshop - Hearth Event in Granite Bay, CA

“Mystical insight and enlightenment occur when the veil between the worlds is lifted, the worlds are bridged, the gap closes, and we cross over.”

 Tom Cowan, Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit

Tribal Treasures for Your Heart & Soul Tribal Treasures for Your Heart & Soul

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