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Spiritual Services
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It's Time to Open Your Heart & Free Your Spirit!

"I would like to take a moment to let you know how much our shamanic session has helped me. Your commitment to this sacred service is clear. I have never had an altar built just for me. Creating a space for Spirit to approach and singing a soul song just for me was very special...I no longer feel alone." 

~ Beth, September, 2015

Daleela, draws from her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, the Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, Mexicatl and Celtic Shamanism, core shamanic methods, Four Winds Training, and her sacred dance background to offer personal sessions and life changing ceremonies, classes & workshops. 

Working with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and both cosmic and elemental forces, she evokes the spirit of the Divine Feminine, that great creative feminine force sorely needed in our culture, to restore balance and harmony to the Earth.

"Absolutely magical! And a deep healing experience! Working with Daleela and her guides was a gift to my Soul. I am deeply honored and touched with the results my session with Daleela brought."

~Reverend Amanda Therese, December 2014

"You are an angel to me! Since my soul retrieval, I don't think about the past like I used to, rather I am pushing forward. I feel lighter and my depression has lifted.

Thank you so much for your help!"

~Diana, July 2014

“I recently had a soul retrieval session with Daleela, as I had some life and emotional events that I felt really stuck and unhappy around. The session gave me powerful and unique insights into the dynamics that were keeping me stuck and I felt a tremendous amount of relief and healing during and after our session. The months after, I continued to utilize what I learned in order to help make big positive changes in my life.” 
~Lindsey, August 2013

"Daleela, I can not tell you how meaningful my time spent with you was! 

Thank you so much!"~Bobbie, September 2012

Counseling and Healing Services Offered

(In-person, phone or zoom)

Divination - to gain insight/knowledge into a situation
Limpia - generalized cleansing of the energy field using sacred waters/smoke/vara staff
Extractions - in depth removal of specific intrusive energies or blockages
 Energetic Transmission (Karpays) - using vara, stones/crystals, sacred waters, smoke or the elements
Power Animal Retrievals - prescribed for power loss
Soul Retrieval - to retrieve vital soul aspects lost through trauma, accident or illness
 Psycho Pomp/Spirit Releasement - Gentle release of attached entities/guiding lost souls to their next level of evolution

Also Available
Mesa & Despacho Half-Day Workshops/Classes - to Reclaim Your Native Self
House and Land Clearings
Land Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Dance Therapy - "The Divine Path of Dance"

"Daleela, thank you so very much for the healing you channeled for me today. As I enter my 70th year, I feel freed in a new and wonderful way, and comforted to have had my son 'visit'.  It meant so much to me and I feel I have turned a corner in my life. My love and blessings."

~Robin,  September 2012

Description of the Above Healing Services

Divination offers revelatory knowledge, a new way of looking at yourself, your life and your soul´s purpose in this lifetime to help ease major transitions, improve relationships, career change, grief, loss, trauma or childhood abuse.

Andean Spirituality teaches that to reconnect to our natural world,  to Pachamama (Mother Earth) it is paramount to release your hucha to Pachamama. Hucha is the Quechuan word for heavy, dense energies which include anxieties, fears, and past memories/trauma.

Through limpias or cleansings (using smoke, the elements, sacred songs) dense energies clear from your energy body and aura.

Through an extraction
, you will experience a more in depth and localized cleansing of heavy, specific intrusive energies or blockages, that no longer serve you from old relationships, childhood, abuse, a difficult job, grief and loss thus creating a sacred space for the infusion of reviving healing energies.

After extraction, you are better able to receive, kawsay, sami, kanchay, Andean words for energetic transmissions from Creator, helping spirits, power animals, nature, the elements and Mother Earth.

A power animal is an ally that offers its gifts, wisdom and strengths. Power animal retrieval is prescribed for power loss. Power loss may show up as depression, feeling disconnected, experiencing "bad luck" or you may feel confused and lacking a direction in life.

One who has become disconnected from his or her source of personal power is "dispirited". Power loss may bring about many of the same symptoms as soul loss.

It is not uncommon for a power animal retrieval to occur in your first session to reconnect you to your personal power.

Through a powerful and ancient healing method called soul retrieval, Daleela will guide you to reclaim vital aspects of yourself that may have left you or become lost or stolen through trauma, loss, chronic illness,  chronic grief, addictions, a soul sucking job, an accident or other means.

Symptoms of soul loss
may include one or more of the following:

Lost memories, feeling disassociated (spacey) feeling emotionally numb, feeling lost, incomplete, stuck, dispirited, or unable to move forward, experiencing loss of control, as if a part of you has died or is missing or you may want to return to a person/location for no good reason.
As we restore these vital aspects to yourself, these symptoms will subside and you will begin to feel whole. 

It is important you continue with a follow-up session either with me or a trained therapist to process any memories, feelings, limiting beliefs that may surface.

Mediumship and Psycho pomp - On occasion, a loved one who has crossed over will come through with an important message or I may help guide a lost soul home.

Spirit Releasement - Removing spirit attachments gently without exorcism, and removing psychic attacks interfering with physical, emotional and spiritual health.

  Shamans are at home in both worlds: in that magical space and time shimmering between these worlds, that point of consciousness 'betwixt and between' and 'neither this, nor that,' flickering at the edge of twilight.”

-Tom Cowan - Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit 

Home/Land Clearings and Soul Retrieval

House/land clearings - one's home and land also build up hucha (heavy, dense energies) and clearing these energies brings a feeling of freshness to one's home, as if mountain fresh air has entered and blessed the home. It is ideal for most of us to cleanse our homes regularly - ideally every 6 months

Land soul retrieval  - The land we live on, work on or hike on possesses a soul as well. Trauma that has transpired on one's land may lead to "the land losing its soul".  This loss can affect the inhabitants of the land leading to depression, feelings of anxiety or an overall feeling of dis-ease. Calling back the soul of a land not only returns vitality to the land but also revitalizes the people, plants and animals living/walking on the land.

Other Services Offered

Dance Therapy is also a way to release hucha, and to infuse oneself with sami and keep one's vital aspects whole.  Movement has the power to help you enter an altered state of consciousness for journey work or shape shift into one's power animal for greater healing and connection to Spirit.

Life Changing Workshops, Classes and Ceremonies offer an opportunity to experience first hand your native self, for we are all natives to the Earth. We simply need an experiential reminder of how to consciously connect to one another, our land, to nature, the elements and Pachamama (Mother Earth). These experiential workshops have been described as life altering.

Women's Wisdom Circle (currently on pause). This is an ongoing women's circle to introduce women to ancient wisdom traditions, and the power of women coming together. Through creating a safe village, we  bring healing and greater wholeness to our lives. We will immerse ourselves in native teachings, healing songs, divination and or sacred dance to connect to the deeper meaning and purpose in our lives.

Tribal Treasures for Your Heart & Soul Tribal Treasures for Your Heart & Soul

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