Sacramento Shamanic Treasure (also serving El Dorado County)

Suggested Donations

One hour minimum recommended for private sessions
in Person, via zoom or over the phone

Suggested Donations & Recommended Service Session Times

Traditional Sessions (1 hour) - $125
(Includes limpia, extraction, deliverance of harmonizing/balancing energies and raising your energy field)

Power Animal Retrieval (1 hour) $125

Soul Retrieval (2 hours) $200

House/Land Clearings (2-3 hours) $200-$300 
depending on the size of the land/home

To discourage No Shows, I ask for a suggested deposit of $40 to hold an appointment time and space. 
It is first, to demonstrate your commitment to your personal growth and to show respect for my time/energy setting up sacred space/mesa. It also honors my time journeying to my helping spirits to receive counsel on your behalf, prior to your session

Thank you kindly...

The $40 will be refunded if you cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance

Please send the $40 Deposit via Zelle or PayPal t


Paypal Deposit for Energy Medicine Session

$ 40 USD

I suggest a $40 deposit through this PayPal button to hold your spot and to demonstrate your commitment to your personal growth. Please use the send as friend option to avoid service fees.

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