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Body movement is the cheapest, most accessible, and most natural medicine for an array of illnesses, simple daily roadblocks and physical and emotional disorders.

Sacred Belly Dance Workshops and Classes

The Divine Path of Dance - Therapy Sessions

Sacred Dance Performances for your Group

May, 2012  Women's Workshop at Fiesta Dance 'N Fitness Center, Davis, CA

Sacred Belly Dance Workshops/Classes

Bringing the Sacred Sensual into Your Daily Life

3 Hour Workshops - Only $30 per person- For dancers of all levels

In our ancient past, women were the traditional healers (herbalists, midwives, spiritual leaders, priestesses)

Become a part of the village and discover the power of feminine energy to bring healing and greater wholeness to our lives 

Take home magnetic dance movements to connect you to the healing energies of Mother Earth

Create your unique Dance of Power

Middle Eastern women who have traditionally belly danced in community as part of their day to day lives, have a secure sense of identity and a connection to other women and to their bodies that we in the West often lack. These women gather in groups to drink tea and to dance daily in their homes. They dance for fun and also to connect to the communal aspects of the dance and to the aspects of dance that have the power to heal and make them whole.

With the proper focus and intent, the movements of belly dance can be a powerful means to enliven one's heart and spirit. In this culture, we separate the sensual from the sacred and women from one another. This reflects a cultural sickness, a lack of regard for the body and for the sacred feminine.

In this workshop, we will connect to other women and to the sacredness of our bodies, especially of our wombs, the area from which belly dance moves emerge. Native Americans believe that the womb is a universe, a manifestation portal. You will learn how to allow the power of this dance, the power of the village and the power of pure female energy to emerge to heal your emotions and raise your spirit on a daily basis.

This workshop promises to be fun and high energy; for what can be more empowering than to fill every cell of your body with the vitality of your feminine being, through the beautiful, sensual movements of belly dance? The focus is not on dance steps but on creating a sense of community/sisterhood and a connection to our Earth Mother.

The Divine Path of Dance
(Dance Therapy)

Daleela speaking about the navel as the center of power (Girl Scouts of Sacramento

The Divine Path of Dance - Sacred Dance Trance Journeys
Accessing higher wisdom for healing and transformation
Private Sessions - Only $75 per hour

Dance Trance Journey sessions enables access to higher wisdom for accelerated healing and change. Dance is one of nature's oldest medicines. One of the first ways our tribal ancestors connected to a higher power, to our creator, was through ritual dance and movement. In a Dance Trance Journey, using breath work, the power of the four elements, music and feminine movements centered around the hips, belly and pelvis you will first become grounded and centered in your body and in your heart (out of your head).
You will then using music and movement and the assistance of natural aromas to move into a light trance. Once in trance, I will guide you to pose a question or to focus on an issue or challenge you are facing.  You will eventually receive a response from your own deeper wisdom, God, creator, Goddess, higher self or whatever name you wish to use. The response may not come directly but in the form of an inner knowing, symbol, image, words or an impulse to take a specific action. Then it is up to you to do the work, to follow your higher guidance.


Sacred Dance Therapy - Workshop Format
Only $30 per person (3 hours)

Sacred Dance Therapy's specific intention is to reconnect you to the world of living energy that infuses and surrounds all of life. You will learn how to achieve balance by harmonizing the power of the four elements with the power of movement to cleanse and align the four lower energy centers of your body so you begin to interact with this world of living energy in a healthier way.

Andean mysticism teaches that the primary energy center is the qosqo or navel. Tai Chi, Qigong and yoga also use this power or sun center to accomplish incredible feats. Likewise, Japanese & Chinese Martial Artists focus on awakening their navel center for increased power. Furthermore, through belly dance this center is also awakened. Specifically, we will use belly dance movements to awaken the healing feminine power centered in your belly, pelvis and hip area (the lower body energy centers).

The intent is to infuse your main body centers with life force energy through  feminine movements of the lower body, music and the four elements (the healing methods of our ancestors). You will then not only strengthen your immune system, and produce powerful endorphins, but often this change in habitual movement patterns will initiate a change in your life. If you take what you learn in this workshop and practice the techniques daily, you will begin to reconnect to your natural self, your feminine power and the natural world. You will embrace the essence of who you are for renewed physical strength and personal power.

Sacred Dance Performances

Photo by Scott Belding

Soulful dance shows offering cleansing, vitality and joy to the viewer. These shows have been described as transcendent and powerful. Daleela (and upon request, her dance troupe) will mesmerize you with whirling dervish style Isis wing,
double veil dances, mesmerizing sword dances, sacred candle and other dances in honor of the Divine Feminine and Mother Earth.

These performances often portray inner world journeys, merging with a spirit animal
expressing channeled teachings from helping spirits.

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine Concert (East West Bookshop - Sacramento)
Photo Courtesy by Larry Grant

Upon request Daleela will cater each performance to your viewing audience, including props, costuming and specific dances.

Daleela is an Elly Award Winning Dancer, Dance Therapist and Published Author of two dance therapy books. With 25 years experience in dance, she has performed sacred dance shows in India and Egypt. As a Mental Health Professional, she believes most women have  experienced cultural injury to their sensual expression. Sacred Belly Dance and Shamanic Dance have the power to heal by liberating your pelvis, freeing your emotions through the belly, opening your heart and freeing your spirit though music and movement. Daleela and her daughter, Sabriyah, joyfully spread the message of female celebration, beauty and power

Solo Performance - $200 per half hour show
Duet Performances - $300 per half hour show

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Tribal Treasures for Your Heart & Soul Tribal Treasures for Your Heart & Soul

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